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Gayle Donohue
Interior Design


My Own Victorian Home Chronicles

Gayle Donohue is in the personal services business, an interior decorator with 30 years of experience who uses family heirlooms to create stunning, heartfelt spaces.  Gayle helps clients fall in love with their families and houses all over again, which puts a smile on their faces. 


" People love what I do.  I love what I do!"


Creative in design and budget with a preference for high-quality craftmanship, Gayle takes her clients' initial ideas and styles and collaboration to create complete design plans and bring project dreams to life.

Gayle transformed her Victorian Fixer-upper into a decorator's showcase.  Described in meticulous detail, Gayle's Victorian Home Chronicles shares clever techniques for Do It Yourselfers.  You may reach Gayle at  413-884-5684

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